Welcome to Pickle Creek!

joce harvesting oregano

Hello! I’m Jocelyn, the Pickle Creek Girl. I like to think of myself as a Farmerteur, or Farmer-Entrepreneur. About 10 years ago, my husband Tim and I gave up our Chicagoland chemistry jobs to do the crazy and near impossible: Thrive on a 100-acre family farm.

Today we are the proud owners of Pickle Creek Herbs, a small organic herb farm in Southeast Iowa. We grow herbs, berries, tomatoes, and garlic that we then use to create herb-infused olive oils and vinegars, jams, syrups, soaps, salves, deodorants, and lip balms. We take the process from seed to store and make everything ourselves using original recipes perfected over the years. And yes! You can taste the difference!

Our widely known mission is to show how amazing herbs can be when they’re grown by passionate farmers who love their plants, their community, and their soil. We also have another, lesser-known mission, which is to demonstrate how a small sustainable farm can thrive in today’s industrialized world.

Everything we create is built on respect for our customers, our community, and our land. Through this paradigm and through an uncompromising commitment to making the best possible products with our herbs, we hope to enrich the lives of everyone around us. In the end, we are no more than what we have given to others. A passion for life, the creation of truly special products enjoyed by others, and a reverent care for the land that sustains us: Above all, that’s what we hope to give.