Dogpatch Urban Gardens

**Only Open Seasonally**

Dogpatch Urban Gardens (D.U.G.) is a small-scale market garden growing produce naturally with organic principles, and sustainable methods, on ¼ an acre of land.  We never use any form of synthetic chemicals on the plot including artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

WHO WE ARE – A family run farm passionate about health, community, education, and the environment.

WHAT WE DO – Cultivate fresh, nutritious, and flavorful produce in the Northern Beaverdale area.

HOW WE DO IT – Use sustainable, organic, and biointensive farm methods to produce high yields on a minimal amount of land while maintaining the integrity of the environment.


  •      Health/Nutrition
  •      Building community
  •      Environmental Conservation
  •      Education
  •      Family Values – hard work, resilience, commitment, dependability
  •      Organic principles (No use of synthetic chemicals)
  •      Enhancing soil quality
  •      Food Safety
  •      Professionalism

The farm is built on a foundation which the successful market gardener, Jean Martin Fortier states the best, “Grow better, not bigger.”  Small-scale farming has its advantages because it allows for me to “know my crops.”  Since the land is small I am constantly interacting with every square foot of the crops and I can recognize any potential issues involving the soil, pests, weeds, etc.  Growing on a smaller scale also allows me to focus on creating high quality and fresh produce.  I am able to harvest within just days of distribution!

Imagine a farm that not only provides you and your family with healthy, delicious, and local food but a farm that does all this while positively interacting with the environment.  Hopefully the visual you created in your mind is that of Dogpatch Urban Gardens.  I can’t wait to grow for you and with you!


Dogpatch Urban Gardens
5085 Meredith Dr.
Des Moines IA 50310
United States