Olive Oil Roasted Roots - One of the great benefits of having a garden is that it teaches you to eat by the season, which allows you to enjoy each kind of vegeatble fresh off the plant (or in the case of root vegetables, fresh out of the ground), when it’s at its most flavorful and finest. And one of […]
Grilled Cheese Margherita - I read somewhere that the difference between a cook and a chef is that a cook follows the recipe and a chef experiments with the recipe. To me, grilled cheese sandwiches seem the perfect way to do a little experimenting and try your hand at being a chef. This particular grilled cheese recipe is a […]
A-Mah-Zing Quiche - Have you ever walked into your kitchen, gotten creative with an old recipe (maybe so you could use up the odds and ends in your fridge), taken the first bite of that creation, and realized that you just accidentally made something A-MAH-ZING!!? To the point that you want to stand up on your kitchen table […]
Orange Thyme Chocolate Cake (aka Christmas Cake) - When I was growing up, we celebrated Christmas with, among other things, stockings hung by the chimney with care. While I have a hard time remembering what all was in those stockings, there is one item I definitely remember: a round, ripe orange. The orange was always stuffed into the toe and was usually the very last thing to be discovered in a […]
Zesty Italian Dressing - If you’ve visited us this month at an indoor farmers’ market or holiday show around Iowa, then you probably know about our brand new infused vinegar featuring jalapenos grown in our garden. And if you’ve tasted said jalapeno vinegar, then you probably know it’s one amazing infusion! I infused our peppers into a sweet white balsamic, which means this vinegar rocks […]
Pizza for Breakfast - Pizza eggs are super easy and super tasty. They are basically eggs smothered in cheese and marinara. In other words, they are an amazing way to spice up breakfast. They are also a great way to use up extra marinara sauce that you may happen to have lying around from dinner the night before. There’s definitely room […]
Pickle Creek’s “Company” Salad - I call this simple salad Company Salad because it’s the one I serve whenever I have company coming over for dinner. At various other times I’ve called this dish Garden Party Salad, Sunday Dinner Salad, and Mother-in-Law Salad. Whatever the name, the theme is the same: This is a salad to impress.   The variations on this salad are as […]